Repairing a MacBook in Berlin must not be expensive

Your MacBook is defect and you couldn't backup your data in time?

Your Macbook or laptop having a problem is trouble enough. With our Repair Service in Berlin, you can avoid high costs if you prefer a well-priced repair instead of buying a new device. We offer free malfunction diagnosis and immediately find out, which repair is needed and parts have to be replaced. With an appropriate cost estimation, you decide if you want to make use of our service. If you agree, we'll convince you with our professional service on fair terms.

The 3 most common issues

The Trackpad | Touchpad is jumpy and doesn't point correctly

Reason: Your Trackpad is defective.
The Trackpad has to be replaced because the Touchpad is only a unit as a complete part.

The Mac | MacBook beeps (3x) three times in a row at Starting

Reason: This indicates, that there's an issue woth the RAM.
Please check if the RAM-Modules are properly installed. If the problem still persist, the RAMs are defective and has to be replaced, which is fast and uncomplicated to do.

The Display showing streaks, weird symbols and crashes often

Reason: This is a concreate of a faulty graphics unit. Apple Models (iMac and 15inch MacBook Pro) were particularly affected. These models have a dedicated (an additional, faster) Graphics card and produce a lot of heat. With a professional cleaning of cooling fan system( in regularly intervalls) these issues can be often avoided.
More Graphics Repair

Data rescue on your Mac and being back online within no time

Before the actual data recovery, we check your MacBook for free and you will be notified if your request can be met with a data recovery. Every action, every trial can lower the chances of a successful data recovery. Even in difficult or urgent cases we are the spot to save your data without long time to wait. You can get your data back on the very same day, or in case of a possible repair of your MacBook, will be able to work on your device immediately. Through many years of experience in rescuing data and maintenance of computers we can help where you no longer believe in the possibility of repair or data recovery. Lost data in a company can produce high expenses. But private data provide grief and anger, they are due to a defect no longer available, and available on any backup copy. Here we fly in and guarantee that your data is not lost in the virtual nirvana. Better do no self-experimentation, but leave the salvation of your data to us. As specialists in the area of Berlin and at low prices you will promptly regain access to your lost and very important data. Should you want to buy a new MacBook we also recommend our offers of used computers.

We install new software or new operating systems on your MacBook, IMac or Mac Mini

Do you want to have a software upgrade on your MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini?
Do you plan to change or upgrade your operating system?

We are here to help. If desired, we offer to migrate your data to your new system. We can install all versions of the current operating system MacOS (from 10.6 on) and set it up ready to use. This includes installing the basic software, which will turn your MacBook immediately ready for work, without you having to subsequently set up something by yourself. In addition, your desired software will be installed.

Here you can find our offer of used MacBooks and laptops in Berlin-Kreuzberg.