Battery Directive

NotebookService030 - Battery Directive

In connection with the sale of equipment containing rechargeable or disposable batteries, we are obliged, according to battery regulation to the following: Batteries may not be disposed of with household waste. The end user is obliged by law to ensure proper disposal of used batteries. You can return batteries after use in point of sale, in local stores or in municipal collection points free of charge. You can also batteries (with sufficient postage) back to us. Please ensure that the batteries are fully discharged at the discharge, or be protected against short circuits (eg by taping the poles with tape)..

battery directive

Batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with this or a similar symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin: In the vicinity of the wheelie bin symbol is the chemical name of the pollutant: Hg: battery contains mercury Cd: battery contains cadmium Pb: battery contains lead

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